Ellie Goldsmith decided to apply for an apprenticeship in Customer Service because she liked the thought of hands on learning at the same time as getting the real feel of a full-time job.

I started my apprenticeship programme with no experience in insurance, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I soon settled in and my colleagues and team leader are always available to help me if I need it. I had looked at other apprenticeship schemes before I applied for the one at NFU Mutual, however the apprentice wage made me sceptical about applying for them. Here at NFU Mutual you get paid really well, which makes it a great place to work because you’re recognised and valued for working hard, and also have the opportunity to carry out your studies. Even though I applied to go to university, I knew as soon as I started my apprenticeship programme that I had made the right choice in not going. Starting in the world of work – while still studying – was undoubtedly the right choice for me.

There are many things that are good about being an apprentice at NFU Mutual, but I think the best is the help and support you receive from your colleagues and team leaders, everyone is so friendly. The NFU Mutual Apprenticeship programmes are new to the company but everything is running really smoothly with both my work and my study. I work closely with the rest of the team, which is really useful because although a lot of my study is online or in a book, I can also learn something new every day from them.