Think you know what to expect from Customer Services? Think again. On his Graduate Trainee Scheme (GTS), David Dobson has been able to experience a range of business areas and make a real impact at NFU Mutual. Take a look at what has made his experiences so valuable.

They see your value from the start

At NFU Mutual there’s a real focus on who you are and what value you can add. This was evident from the word go. For instance, when I attended the assessment day it was clear that they really wanted to get to know you.

This great attitude continued once I joined the company. NFU Mutual is keen to develop you as a person, not just for the sake of your role. They don’t put you in a role and then mould you to fit into it. Instead, they work with you to find out what you’re already good at, and then look for the opportunity that will work best for you.

You can shape your own path

Customer Service offered me four different placements, and it’s up to you to work out where you want to go. You get to shape your career. And they had me involved with real, useful work from day one. I’ve worked with Head Office, Corporate Business, and Group Process Improvements before my current secondment in Bristol, so I’ve been exposed to a lot of different projects. I’ve really been able to get a feel for the whole company.

There’s a massive culture of change and improvement here, which is reflected in some of the projects I’ve been involved in, like the Project Health Check tool. It was developed to help Project Managers engage everyone working on a project, so that issues are addressed quickly and effectively. I like knowing that I played a part in these projects when I hear they’re being actively used across the business to help others.

You’re supported to always move forward

Your personal development is ongoing. I’m currently doing my Advanced Certificate in Insurance, and there’s loads of training opportunities too. The PRINCE2 for project management is a great qualification to have as well. They’ve put on a range of skills courses, and we have coaches that help with work place challenges. The on-the-job training is a massive part of it too.

Everyone is willing to talk through anything that you might not understand. As for senior management, I was introduced to many of them when I first started, including a meeting with the CEO and Customer Service Director. They’re all approachable people, and are more than happy to give you time and advice if you reach out to make a connection.

Great people, great progress, great experience

It’s a nice social environment. We often hang out after work and I recently went on a weekend away with other trainees. NFU Mutual also encourages getting involved with charity events, so I took part in a dragon boat race and competed against other companies, which was good fun!

It’s an excellent scheme, and a brilliant way to test out different business areas. To anyone thinking of joining NFU Mutual’s Graduate Training Scheme, I’d say get involved. It’s hard work, but there’s so much for you to experience. The company are willing to develop you the way you want, so take the chance to try out as much as you can and build connections. You get out everything you put in and more, so it’s really worth it.