Our Corporate Insurance underwriting function provide insurance solutions for clients from across the UK. With a diverse portfolio ranging from local corporates to the UK’s largest businesses, and a premium income of £149m in 2020, the team have seen significant growth, investment and innovation over recent years, with a maintained focus on delivering and enhancing an exceptional client service.

We had the chance to catch up with Matthew Boorman, our Technical Underwriting Manager within Corporate Insurance, to learn about his journey with Corporate Insurance since joining us back in 2018.

How long have you been with the Mutual? Why did you decide to join us?
I joined NFU Mutual back in 2018 during a whirlwind of market, environmental and economic climate change. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and it’s been the most interesting 3 years of my career! My decision to move to NFU Mutual was influenced by a number of things; the strong reputation the organisation holds in the market for client centricity and engagement, the customer focus in everything they do and the progress and development in advancing its large corporate proposition.

What was your background prior to joining the Mutual?
Prior to joining NFU Mutual I spent over 25 years in the commercial insurance space within a variety of small insurance carriers and larger composites with a global reach. Working from both a regional perspective in Ipswich and Birmingham to the London markets I always focused on the delivery and success of all commercial product lines.

What surprised you most about the Corporate Insurance team?
Coming from NFU Mutual competitors in the Corporate space, it was surprising how much of a footprint they had in this sector with some of the brand names and members, which is a credit to the proposition and delivery of customer engagement. This is also highlighted by the strong persistency levels, with many clients having been with NFU Mutual for in excess of 20 years. This really emphasises the unique customer focus solutions.

What do you enjoy the most about your role in Corporate Insurance?
The most thrilling element as an Underwriter at the heart of NFU Mutual is the consistent view and focus on doing the right thing for our customers. We really do treat our policyholders as members of our family. I see and experience this in our daily engagement across risk control, claims and underwriting, and through listening to customer’s needs - which often change. We’re always flexible to change in our response. Being able, and indeed willing, to respond is one of the key drivers and highlights of the role.

Personal development and training to technically enhance the capabilities of the Underwriters has been enjoyable, as has bringing clarity to the company strategy and its delivery, so we all enjoy the same journey with our customers. With ever-changing external factors, there is a constant hunger and appetite to continually develop our team and ourselves.

What are you most excited about for the future of the Department?
I am excited about getting involved in the many developments in the pipeline; how we continue to support and work with our distribution channels, how we look at new emerging risks in the market and how we develop new ways of risk control, risk management and creating bespoke solutions to the changing needs and demands of our members.

What are your plans for the future?
Putting aside the long term aim of replacing Ed Sheeran as the sponsor for Ipswich Town and going digital on my radio show, I want to continue to support the new members of the team to develop and grow into future leaders in the insurance market, preferably at NFU Mutual.

Matthew Boorman, Technical Underwriting Manager