Since joining us as a Commercial Underwriter, Dave has seized the opportunity to fast-track his career. We asked him about what he's been up to so far.

What brought you to NFU Mutual?

I joined around three years ago, after working for a competitor. I'd been aware of NFU Mutual as having a good reputation for their brilliant customer service and specialist products. I really wanted to work with them, so it was great when the opportunity finally came up for me. And they lived up to my expectations. Everything is focused on delivering the best possible service for the customer, and you get more ownership and freedom with your work.

How are you able to progress with NFU Mutual?

I'm on the Aspiring Leadership programme to become a Senior Technician. If you have a career path you want to go down, it helps you to get there faster. The new role will mean I can help people to be better Underwriters. I find the more technical stuff really interesting, so it's definitely playing to my strengths.

I've been on a number of courses - coaching for success, navigating conversations, things like that. I'm also studying towards my Diploma in Insurance, building on the Certificate in Insurance that I already hold. I'll later go on to my Advanced Diploma too. NFU Mutual supports your studies and there's always someone to offer their advice.

What projects are you involved in?

As part of the programme, I'm helping our new starters settle in with their on-boarding process that gives them an overview of the business. I'm also working on a data aggregation project. It'll be used to report to the Regional Underwriting Manager and help with their tactical decision making. It could potentially become integrated into the way the business works.

Another project I've been working on focuses on the brewery industry, to see if and how we can do more for them. We could then potentially offer more specialised products, too. I pitched the project to NFU Mutual. If you come up with a good idea and you have the justification for it, they'll definitely listen to it - they're open to new ideas and ways of working.

What would you say to someone considering a career at NFU Mutual?

There are plenty of opportunities to improve yourself. They will listen to your ideas - both the data aggregation and the brewery projects are ones that I pitched to them. You get to make your own opportunities and work on things that really interest you.

I've become more confident here. It's a really good place to be if you're willing to learn, and if you bring a relaxed and personable nature to your work. We all get along well as a team, so join in and get involved.