Vicki, our Regional Department Manager, has gone from strength to strength since joining eight years ago. So we asked her to tell us what she thinks makes NFU Mutual a great place to work. NFU Mutual does the right thing by their customers. And such great customer service must come from great people, who in turn must come from a great employer. It really is a lovely place to work.

More investment, better quality

You're not rushed to shift cases off your desk quickly, but given the time to make the right decisions. Of course there are targets to meet, but there's just as much emphasis put onto the quality of the work.

It's a forward thinking company. They invest in their people so you can see a clear path ahead for yourself as well as the company. It's no wonder they have a lot of loyal people on board. I've never thought about leaving, either.

More opportunities, better challenges

I love to be challenged. In the past, I've had to change employers to find something new to get stuck into, but I've been able to find that progression right here. I went from a Claims Inspector to Regional Claims Inspector, and then to Personal Injury Technical Claims Manager, because I expressed an interest in management and looked for new challenges.

I've been supported the whole way by the company. That's why I was able to progress even further, becoming the Underwriting Technical Claims Manager before yet another step into my current position. It's been quite a journey over the last eight years, and all because NFU Mutual pays attention when you show interest in a particular area. They will support you to find the opportunities and realise your potential.

More team focused, better support

You can put yourself forward for opportunities, and managers will encourage people to progress. It's a selfless attitude, because as a manager it can be difficult to lose some of your team members. But we focus on the individual's development, because our people are our success. It's all part of the sense of collective responsibility we have.

It's also shown in the way we support our new starters. The on-boarding induction gives them a thorough overview of the company, and it's common for senior team members to help out the new starters. We value the knowledge transfer from experienced to inexperienced people, so that we're always moving forward together.

More you, better future

NFU Mutual is a really great place to maximise your potential, whether that's progressing through the ranks or broadening your knowledge in your current role. If you can think for yourself, be a team player, and you see customers as people rather than numbers, then you can really go far with NFU Mutual. Simply put: if you're looking for the opportunity to invest in yourself, then NFU Mutual is the place for you.