The Resourcing team at NFU Mutual have been on quite a journey over the last few years, growing rapidly to meet the needs of the business. For the members of the team, that leads to exciting new opportunities. We talked to some of them about how the business enables them to grow and develop their careers in such a fluid, constantly evolving environment.

It sounds like the team is really busy. How does that help your personal development?
“There are lots of changes, which means it’s never a one-person job,” says Susanna Manise. “Everyone in Resourcing has an input and can be involved in the big projects that drive change. In addition, each person in the team is aligned to a specific business area. This means they get to work with colleagues across the business, becoming an expert in their recruitment needs and able to provide support and advice about the vacancies they have. And the business actively encourages internal development.”

David King, who recruits into the IT team, echoes this view: “There are so many opportunities for development in the Resourcing team, whether that’s a black and white career path through promotion, or moving into another area.”

How has that benefitted your career?
Kirstie Patterson: “I joined NFU Mutual in 2017 and early in my career, I was seconded as a Recruitment Partner,” she explains. “I was leading a team and was also given the opportunity to work on some major projects in the department. I was advised and guided on my personal career development all the way. So, when the Resourcing team was restructured recently, this experience helped me gain promotion to the new role of Senior Resourcing Consultant.”

“NFU Mutual has a real passion for secondments,” says Esther Tysall. “And this works well for the Resourcing team because our skills fit seamlessly into other business areas, or into other Resourcing areas. For example, when I joined the team, as well as my Resourcing Business Partner role, I also had the opportunity to review the assessment and interview framework. These types of opportunities give everyone the chance to try something a bit different.”

Greg Statham tells a similar story. “In my personal experience, I have never worked for a business with better opportunities to develop. My role’s grown and changed three times in just two and a half years. I’ve had some big roles before, but I’ve never had this speed of progress.”

Apart from the range of opportunities, how does the business support you?
“The business supported me all the way, with help to gain professional qualifications and encouragement to join the company’s leadership development programme,” says Greg. Kirstie adds: “I was nominated for the Aspiring Leadership programme, which was great. It went through a lot of aspects of leadership and was a massive part of my development.”

“I was nominated to go on a course to boost my ability to influence higher-level managers,” says David. So, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your soft skills, too. And the door's always open for potential study support.”

What about personal support - how does the company help you there?
“There's a big focus on wellbeing at NFU Mutual. I'm on the Engagement Committee in Resourcing, which is all about work/life balance and people’s wellbeing,” says Greg.

David adds: “When I first joined the business, I had a major health problem during my probationary period and was off work for about a month. I was really worried that this would affect my probation, so I was pushing to come back to work. But the company was great and made it very clear that I shouldn’t come back too early. They delegated my work around the team and I was able to have a phased return when I was ready. This reflects that your health and wellbeing are always on the company's radar. You get the sense they genuinely care about you.”

That must have helped during the lockdown?
“My wife also works at NFU Mutual and it’s a standard joke in our house that we get more packages from NFU Mutual than we do from Amazon,” says Greg. "There were Christmas packages, Easter eggs, pizza-making workshops... The company went out of its way to try to replace face-to-face office contact with something equally interactive. And all these activities happened during normal working hours, rather than in your own time. I genuinely felt welcomed and that they were grateful for my efforts.”

“During the pandemic they handled the transition to hybrid working really well,” adds Susanna. “The employee forums gave everyone the opportunity to put their opinions forward on how it could work, so we felt listened to. And when we moved back into the office, the Resourcing team was pivotal in driving permanent changes to the way everyone now works. We looked at how well hybrid working had supported employees throughout the pandemic, without losing productivity for the business, and how it also attracted new people to join us. We recommended making hybrid working the new normal. We now have a great 80/20 hybrid working model, which on a personal level, really suits me as a working mum with two children. It’s always difficult to balance family and work, but this way of working means I can enjoy both. At home, I’m definitely more present with my young family, and when I’m in the office I feel connected with my team.”

Summing up, Greg says: “It’s genuinely the best place I’ve ever worked. And I think the fact that we’re a mutual helps with that because it’s built into us to serve our customers – and this extends to how the company treats its staff, too.”

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