Tim joined NFU Mutual as Chief Information Officer seven years ago. Since then, he’s made it his mission to modernise our business by transforming the technology we use. We caught up with him to find out what’s happening in the IT Division at the moment, and what’s in store for the future.

How has the IT Division changed over the last seven years?

When I first joined the company, we were anxious about embarking on large scale technology changes, but in the intervening years we have become much more adept at executing our strategic plans, and now we find a new ambition for large transformation programmes. I’ve loved the challenge of delivering new technology into the business and it has evolved really quickly. However I do remind the team that making sure that all of the technology works ever hour of every day is still our priority.

What’s happening in the IT Division at the moment?

Our long-term aim is to make NFU Mutual one of the most modern insurance companies in the UK. This means providing the very latest tools and technologies to our end user community, including all the Regions and Agencies across the UK. It’s incredibly exciting to know that one day soon we’ll make this vision a reality. In order to get there, we’ve focused our work into three areas.

Firstly, we need to continue to ensure that we’re doing the basics brilliantly – making sure all technology works really well for its users across the business. Secondly, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we work – using technology to change the way that we do business - that means searching for new collaboration opportunities, replacing legacy systems and modernising our technology across the enterprise. Thirdly, we’re using technology to change the business that we do – to keep us one step ahead and change the way that insurance is delivered.

What kind of people are you looking for to join NFU Mutual’s IT department?

In order to achieve our ambitions,we’re looking for articulate, bright and driven people who can help deliver the latest technologies to an insurance business that really does put its customers and their interests first. I believe that if you get the right person with the right attitude, the aptitude and the values aligned with the business, you can train and teach people the rest.

Where do you want the IT Division to be in three years’ time?

I want our Agents to have better technology to use when they’re with customers, so they can deliver a better, more immediate and impactful service. The challenge is working out how we can deliver modern technology to our customers that compliments the way that we work with them now. In three years’ time, I expect the IT Division to be in the middle of delivering a challenging and demanding change agenda, whilst continuing to deliver a first class technology service to both our end users and to our customers.