Graduating from university and taking that next big step into employment can be a daunting prospect. With so many options out there, it’s not always easy to choose the best, most suitable career path.

Here at NFU Mutual, we offer a raft of exciting opportunities for new graduates. You'll learn on the job, gain valuable hands-on experience, and get the chance to pursue professional qualifications in your chosen field. Our graduate programmes are specifically designed to help you develop your skills, find your ideal role, and forge a successful, rewarding career.

Taking the Next Step
Elliot, Kathryn, Jade and Nisha all joined our graduate programme fresh out of university. To give you an insight into what it’s like to work for NFU Mutual, we asked them to share some of their experiences.

Elliot knows firsthand what it’s like to take those first tentative steps towards a successful career. After graduating from university, he was eager to find a company that would match his ambition and give him the training and support he needed to succeed.

As he explains, “I was keen to begin my career in a company that would complement, challenge and allow me to continue to develop my skills. When initially researching NFU Mutual I was impressed by the numerous employee engagement awards it had won in recent years, as well as the high level of customer satisfaction reported by its customers – I wanted to be part of that.”

Elliot joined us two years ago on our Business Professional Scheme. He knew straight away he’d made the right choice for his future. “The graduate programme provides ample opportunities for personal development and experience,” he tells us. “In the first two years, I’ve worked in four teams across three different departments, which has been invaluable in terms of building connections with a wide range of employees and gaining a greater understanding of how the company operates.”

As well as receiving vital hands-on experience, Elliot has been able to develop his knowledge and skills in a supportive, collaborative environment and pursue professional qualifications with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

“From day one, I’ve had the full support of the graduate team,” he explains, “I speak with them regularly to discuss my development, relay my experiences and explore new opportunities to further my skills and experience.”

Kathryn joined us in 2016, on our Sales and Business Management Scheme. “The graduate programme was a fantastic platform to kickstart my career,” she tells us. “Not only did it give me professional qualifications, but it also allowed me to get exposure to the wider business and a lot of different departments.”

Since completing the Graduate Scheme Kathryn has received several promotions. “NFU Mutual are committed to both the personal and career development of their employees,” she says, “since joining the business, I’ve had access to directors and senior leaders and I’ve been able to put myself forward for a number of different development programmes.”

Kathryn now works as a Governance and Controls Manager. She oversees a team of five and liaises with 36 self-employed agencies across the South East – our largest region in the UK. So what advice would she give to individuals thinking about applying for one of our graduate schemes?

“Be yourself,” she says, “and let your personality come through in your application. Make sure you research the company and the unique model that NFU Mutual operates. And don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.”

Like a lot of new graduates, Jade wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do with her future. NFU Mutual gave her the support, guidance and flexibility she needed to shape her own career path.

As Jade tells us, “Coming straight out of university, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, apart from that I wanted to focus on project, programme and portfolio management. The graduate scheme has allowed me to trial different areas, get a feel for the different roles available, and help me determine my future career.”

Starting your first permanent job after university can be a little overwhelming, so how did Jade find the transition from student to full-time employee?

“My onboarding experience was really good,” she says. “The Learning and Organisational Development team kept in regular communication, informing me of the status of my onboarding and giving me the opportunity to ask any questions. We had a ‘getting to know you day’ which meant we could meet all of the other trainees in our cohort before joining later in the year.”

When Jade took up the role a few months later, she was blown away by the level of support she received. As she explains, “When I joined NFU Mutual officially for my very first day, I met the previous trainee in my department and I was given ample time to get accustomed to my new role and location, plus great support from my team. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in my onboarding process.”

Since that first day, Jade has never looked back, making plenty of new friends, learning a host of valuable skills, and furthering her development with a number of professional qualifications. So what advice would she give to someone thinking about applying for one of our graduate opportunities?

“Make sure you’re passionate about the company and the role you’re applying for,” she says. “Know your stuff – about the role and the company. Explain why the company excites you and how you think it will help you grow and develop. Be you! It may sound really simple, but just be yourself. Be honest about who you are and your experiences, and be open to new opportunities.”

Like Jade, Nisha was a little apprehensive about life after university. Once she joined our Finance Scheme in 2017, she quickly found her feet.

“The graduate scheme offers so many courses,” she says, “it enables you to set clear goals and more importantly, articulate them. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to rotate and find an area I enjoy; I’ve been able to showcase my skills and take advantage of opportunities to work with senior stakeholders.”

Four years on, Nisha couldn’t be happier. She recently attained her CIMA qualification and now works in our finance team as a Reporting Financial Accountant. “I’ve gained so much valuable experience in my time here,” she says, “helping me shape who I am today. I’ve developed my own personal brand, grown in confidence and made a real connection with my peers.”

So what would Nisha say to new graduates thinking about a career with NFU Mutual? “The graduate scheme here really does open doors and presents you with exciting opportunities,” she says. “My advice would be to develop your personal brand, network and get stuck in, and above all, show your keenness to learn.”

NFU Mutual wants you!
If you’re enthusiastic, positive and proactive, you could be just the person we’re looking for.

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of graduates like Elliot, Kathryn, Jade and Nisha, check out our graduate opportunities and take that first, all-important step towards a successful, rewarding career.