Here at NFU Mutual, we grow our own talent. And nowhere more so than in our Pricing team, where training and development is essential to maintain our strength as a function and as a business. We encourage and support everyone equally however we’re particularly proud of our women in finance colleagues: people like Anjela who has been building a career with NFU since 2003, leveraging the opportunities created by a dynamic culture of change to build a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We asked Anjela about her journey with NFU Mutual and how, supported by colleagues and the company, she’s been able to become a vital and effective leader.

“I joined NFU Mutual in 2003 to lead a small team of HR Business Partners providing HR support to the General Insurance Sales Division. I had been working in another financial services organisation but was keen to move to NFU Mutual as I was aware of it's culture and reputation within the sector. I haven't been disappointed; it’s a really great company to work for. I’ve always felt valued and appreciated and that people are genuinely interested in giving you opportunities to succeed and support your performance.

Just a few years in, I took up the role of Deputy Regional Service Manager in the Underwriting and Claims functions at our largest Regional Service Centre in Bristol. I was then asked to go on various secondments over the years, leading the business change and readiness aspects of lots of different change programmes. In fact, I got into my current role in the Head Office Pricing team as Business Readiness Manager on the back of a major transformation programme. I’m also currently on our FCA Fair Pricing Programme with the Head of Pricing as the Business Lead for Business Readiness.

Throughout, I’ve had some great opportunities to learn in role. Although I joined as an HR professional, I’ve developed my knowledge and experience across the business. I’ve always felt very supported in my development, whether it’s through one-to-one conversations with my people manager about my development plan or career goals, having access to an external coach, or attending skills courses or various leadership programmes at Warwick Business School.

From day one I've felt that NFU Mutual has a strong belief in developing people; with offers of support for professional qualifications, soft skills training as well as technical or IT training. They want you to do well. As a people manager, the support has continued in my own conversations with our Learning and Development department who are always there to offer support for regional or departmental initiatives.

There’s still lots of professional development that I want to do to broaden my knowledge and to continue my development. I’m keen to further expand my experiences and take on new tasks and activities. I love trying new things and stretching the role, so for me it’s about exploring what else I can do and further pushing my boundaries.

If you’re thinking about joining us here at NFU Mutual, I’d say that it’s a great place to work, there’s loads of support and plenty of opportunities to develop in role or move around the organisation if you want to.”

Anjela, Business Readiness Manager

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