Here at NFU Mutual, we grow our own talent. And nowhere more so than in our Pricing team, where training and development is essential to maintain our strength as a function and as a business. We encourage and support everyone equally, however we’re particularly proud of our women in finance colleagues, including Alvyda.

We asked Alvyda about her journey with NFU Mutual and how she’s been supported to achieve her professional and career potential, becoming a vital and effective leader in a culture that is supportive and inclusive. Alvyda joined NFU Mutual as a Pricing Delivery Manager, making the leap from a technical modelling role.

“I was attracted to working with NFU Mutual by the role and its breadth. It looked nothing like my old role! But I could see how my skills could be transferred and expanded. I wasn’t familiar with the company itself. So, I found out as much as I could and went to the interview with an open mind. I liked what I saw and what I heard. And here I am!

Moving into this role was a step change for me. I had a greater scope of work which meant I had to rethink how I approach people and tasks. My role changed again when I was given the opportunity to manage the pricing delivery for BRIDGE - the largest change programme that NFU Mutual has ever undertaken. I again had to step up and apply what I’d learned in an even more challenging environment with more stakeholders and critical deliverables that demanded the highest standards.

I moved into a new workplace with a more senior role, but I had incredible support from everyone from the very first day. My manager spent lots of time getting me up to speed, my mentor helped me navigate role requirements and my colleagues were patient while I picked up internal processes and ways of working. I also had - and still have - a lot of development resources at my fingertips - from bitesize reading materials to large scale leadership programmes.

As a department, I can see that we are particularly good at developing our people and I’ve benefited from that. The key for us as individuals is how good we are at taking and using those opportunities. I'm originally from Lithuania and there’s a Lithuanian proverb that says only a bad soldier doesn’t dream of being a general. That summarises my career aspirations. I haven’t mapped out the entire journey, but I feel well equipped for my next move: I have a strong development plan and all the support I need to grow both personally and professionally.

My advice to other women thinking about joining NFU Mutual is to believe in yourself. Take a deep breath and do it! There is nothing worse than a missed opportunity or a day without learning.”

Alvyda, Pricing Delivery Manager

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