Pricing is an important function within our business. Here, our 75-strong team work hard to ensure we give customers exactly what they want and need at a fair price. We’re all guided by our mutual values and while those values will always remain the same, we’re currently undergoing an extensive change programme, investing in our core administration platforms, and developing new routes to market.

Natural problem-solvers do well at NFU Mutual. Passionate about what they do, they help us shape how we support both our customers and the business. People like Alice, who joined our Pricing team after a career in education where she reached Assistant Headteacher level. We asked Alice about her journey from the classroom to a whole new world of learning and opportunity.

“I decided to study a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science in 2018 and I was looking for jobs when my degree finished. I wanted to pursue a career in insurance as a Pricing Analyst. I knew about NFU Mutual, and I knew it was a great place to work. In fact, it was my first choice of company to work for. So as soon as the opportunity came up, I applied.

I joined NFU Mutual in June 2019 as a Pricing Analyst, and I’ve already worked my way into a Lead Analyst role. I feel I’ve had incredible support to develop. I brought the soft skills I had from my previous role as an Assistant Headteacher to the team and I was supported to develop my technical skills. Right now, I’m working towards a Level 4 role. Once that's completed, I’ll look ahead to Level 5. My manager has always been supportive in helping me to achieve these goals.

I genuinely don’t think I would have had the same opportunities or support from another employer. NFU Mutual are well known for developing and training staff and supporting them through their career journey. Right now, I’m just enjoying the work and the culture. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful - it’s an amazing team.

If I was to give advice to anyone thinking about joining the Pricing team, or indeed any team at NFU Mutual, I’d say don’t hang about! You don’t need to wait for a role to come up. Get in touch and ask to have a chat with someone in the department.”

Alice, Lead Analyst

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