The Risk Management Services (RMS) team at NFU Mutual is the largest Risk Management Consultancy in the UK. Our Loss Control team within RMS share why they think it’s such an interesting area to work in. As they explain, it’s a combination of the support they give to our customers, the variety and diversity of the businesses they work with and the strength of the team itself.

Supporting our customers and developing our knowledge
Whichever sector the customer’s business is in, or the risk being assessed, ultimately, we’re a people business. For Claire Cripps, it’s the customer relationships that make her role so interesting. “I really enjoy being customer-facing and the diversity the role brings. We see a lot of things as ‘the eyes and ears of underwriting’ and that provides a great opportunity to learn.

I’ve been in Loss Control for nearly four years and I’ve really developed my knowledge during this time.” Nick Green also feels that it’s the customers who make the role so interesting. “I’m a people person, so being out and about meeting different people from all walks of life is what I really, really enjoy. Ultimately, it’s about helping people. That's what we do.”

For Sarah Froy, it’s the impact the role can have on our customers. “We’re helping people become resilient by protecting their businesses, domestic properties and personal lives. We insure such a wide range of customers; this role can get us involved in any aspect of their lives. I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy helping people, and that’s a big part of what we’re doing.”

Tom Fraser feels he’s adding real support to our customers - and our underwriters. “I think it's a two-way street. I provide value to our underwriters. I also provide value to our customers by providing my best advice. I’ve hopefully prevented a few injuries or certainly set people on the right path to preventing incidents which in turn reduces the claims they have to make on their insurance policies.”

Working with our diverse customer base
It may be a well-used phrase but it’s true that ‘no two days are the same’ working in Loss Control, and that’s often down to the diverse mix of customers the team visit and advise. Steve Trevett enjoys this breadth of different customers, especially meeting all the different clients and the travel involved, as he explains. “NFU Mutual has a particularly good cross-section of clients. It’s interesting finding out what makes them tick and what makes their businesses run. The interaction with customers is good and they appreciate the advice we're giving them. Tom Fraser has a similar view, “I like interacting with people, our customers and seeing something new every day. I like being outside the office, driving around doing things rather than being sat behind a desk.”

For Nick Green, the role has taken him to places he’d never have otherwise seen, and that’s a big draw as he explains “There’s huge, huge variety. One day I’m working with some very well-known wine brands you see on the supermarket shelves, so that takes me to wineries. The next day I’m working with large estates and then onto smaller houses; it’s really all walks of life. This role brings me into contact with clients you wouldn't perhaps expect to be involved with at all.”

What makes the Mutual a great place to work?
The team have talked about their customer relationships, the opportunities to learn about many different businesses and the difference they feel they’re making. But is there one thing in particular that makes NFU Mutual a really great place to work?

For Claire Cripps, it’s definitely about the people. “There’s your team, but it’s also the people you meet on a day-to-day basis, so it’s the clients as well. Meeting so many different people makes the role really interesting and ultimately, you feel like you’re making a difference and potentially protecting clients from a significant loss.” Nick Green holds a similar view. “A number of my colleagues, both in my immediate team and slightly further afield, have become very good friends in the time that I've been here and will continue to be. We’re all supported, looked after and developed.”

Steve Trevett is also impressed with the team ethos at NFU Mutual, especially compared to other organisations. “It's a genuinely nice place to work, from the point of view of colleagues in the department and outside, with the Agents. I’ve done this job for other companies, and it's a much nicer atmosphere here than at some of the other places I've worked.”

Sarah Froy felt particularly well supported during the pandemic and that reason tops her list of why NFU Mutual is a great place to work, as she explains. “They're really supportive. Not just through my professional development, but personally too. During the pandemic I think they were great. We were always provided with guidance on what we were expected to do. And if at any point we felt unsafe, we had the full backing of our leaders within RMS to just walk away off site. The same support applies to managing home life. For example, people needed to provide childcare during the day and a lot of support was given to them and targets were reduced accordingly.”

Tom Fraser enjoys the flexibility the role gives him, as well as the support. “It’s a great place to work, and a great way to work. As long as I'm driving towards my targets, I can set my day and my week accordingly. One week I could do three days out on the road and another I could be four or five days in the office. I really like the flexibility. I think NFU Mutual is a compassionate organisation. We give a lot to our customers, and NFU Mutual gives a lot back to our people.”

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