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Supporting our customers

Our customers’ needs are at the heart of everything we do. Everything. No wonder then, that when it comes to supporting our customers, we do things a little differently to many. Because we can. Our accolades show that, when it comes to serving our customers, we’re getting it right, time after time, call after call. Many of our general insurance products have received the maximum 5 Star Rating from Defaqto, recognising the high standards of customer service and cover we provide.

Look at how we approach calls. We’re less focused on call length targets, sales scripts and unsociable shift patterns. And more interested in you bringing your personality to the role, engaging with our customers and providing them with the support they’re looking for. When they’re looking for it. We’re all about warm personalities, quality conversations and a customer-first attitude.


Our key teams

Customer Sales (Glasgow)

Our Customer Sales people answer inbound calls from customers who want a quote for home or motor insurance. Talking to them like a real person, you’ll take the time to explore their needs, what they want from their insurance, and then take them through some key questions. Then you can talk to them about their options and show them why we’re right for them.

It’s never about getting through calls quickly here. We want people who’ll take the time – and make the effort – to really understand what the customer needs and find the right insurance cover for them. And we want you to bring your personality to every conversation. Because when a customer hears that you care, well, it makes all the difference.

Customer Services (Cardiff and Glasgow)

Join us in Customer Services, and you’ll answer inbound general queries from customers who already have their home or motor insurance with us. Now, because you don’t to stick to a script, you’re able to have a proper conversation with the customer, doing everything you can to help them.

Yes, we’d also like you to tell customers about any of our other products that may be beneficial to them, like life assurance, for example. But there are no sales targets to hit, no number of calls you have to get through. We want you to focus your time on doing the best you can for the customer you’re talking to. And that makes your work more interesting, more personal and a lot less robotic and repetitive.

Mutual Response - New Claims (Glasgow)

A calm, reassuring, helpful voice when a customer needs it most. Here in our team, we’re on hand to help customers who’ve had an incident involving their motor vehicle or farm machinery. They’ll come straight through to us and we’ll immediately arrange any necessary emergency assistance and confirm cover under their policy. If customers have been involved in an accident or suffered a theft its important they feel supported and understand the next steps and how we will help them. On occasions our Agents will be involved so we will support them in delivering the tailored service for the individual customer.

We’ll set up a new claim promptly and professionally, and make sure that the customer or agent knows exactly what is going to happen and when. As well as delivering a first-class service to customers in their time of need, we have a big impact on claims cost by promoting our Motor Network Repair Service – our approved list of repairers and identifying potential fraudulent claims.

Mutual Response - Third Party Assist (Glasgow)

Here in Third Party Assist, we contact non-fault third party claimants to understand their needs and offer our services to settle their claim. This can include the use of our approved Network of Repairers. As well as promoting NFU Mutual by delivering the exceptional level of service we’re known for, we also discuss liability decisions.

We also help to make significant savings in Third Party Claims costs, by avoiding third party claimants from using expensive hire providers. We also have a big impact in areas such as injury claims, as we refer third parties into a rehabilitation facility. This helps to quickly reduce the extent of the injury and support a speedy recovery.


If our Customer Service and Sales people are the face and voice of NFU Mutual, our Operations team is the strong beating heart that keeps everything going, and helps to makes us such a great place to work. Supporting Mutual Direct and our two Centres of Excellence, Operations is made up of several key functions, including Admin/Finance, Internal Communications, Training and Service Delivery.

So from making sure that our people are receiving the very best induction and product training, to keeping a close eye on call volumes and schedules, to answering any day-to-day HR queries, Operations is working away to make sure that our four contact centres - and everyone who works in them - are able to focus their time and energy on delivering our award-winning levels of customer service.

Regional Claims

As one of our skilled frontline claims handlers in York, Bristol or Belfast, you’ll support customers from all over the UK when they need us the most at their time of loss. Our customers are all individuals, and when something goes wrong, they have individual needs. You’ll work closely with our suppliers and our Agency Network to ensure these needs are met each and every time. In Claims we’ll give you plenty of training and support, so that you can confidently progress and settle claims, with an eye on managing costs effectively, whilst also delivering a market leading claims experience.

How we are different

We offer eight hour shift patterns, reasonable start and finish times and two days off each week. This combined with an attractive bonus scheme makes a customer contact role with NFU Mutual an interesting opportunity.

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earliest start

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latest finish


full days off each week

Our Customer Contact Centres

Mutual Direct is our contact centre business, created in 1996 for customers who prefer to deal with their insurance needs by phone. We have two Mutual Direct customer contact centres, one in Glasgow, the other in Cardiff. Mutual Direct is central to our development and distribution strategy. It not only competes well with other direct insurance operators, but also provides a range of products and services to support customers of our branch network. Operating outside of normal office hours and extending the service we can offer our customers.

We also have a number of Regional Service Centres, including locations in Bristol and York. Here, colleagues support our customers with a variety of claims from pet and equine, complex commercial and injury through to motor and also have colleagues who organise credit hire where its needed. As well as these locations being home to some of our regional underwriting teams.


Meet some of the team

NFU Mutual Careers - Our People - Profile Blank Image.jpg

Jordan Dick, Team Leader

Before coming to NFU Mutual, I’d spent nine years in retail, working my way up from a supermarket role to store manager of a luxury fashion brand. I loved my job, I loved my time in retail. But I just felt like I couldn’t go any further. I wanted something different, somewhere I could really develop and grow. Then I saw the Mutual Direct job advert.

I was a little sceptical about contact centre work at first. For me, retail was face-to-face and I was worried about losing that personal connection. But the more I read about NFU Mutual, the more I identified with them and their ethos of being a mutual, customer-focused organisation. I could see that NFU Mutual really focused on their customers’ as well as their employees' wellbeing. That really appealed to me then – and still does today.


Alastair Manderson, Sales and Service Associate

I knew a few people who were customers at NFU Mutual and they spoke really highly of them. So I started to look a little more into them as a company and was impressed with their history and how customer focused they seemed to be. I started working with Mutual Direct in a temporary Call Handler position. It was a really good fit for me. I enjoyed the work, culture and environment so much I was keen to join as a permanent member of staff.

They’re really personable and professional at Mutual Direct - which isn’t always the case in larger companies. I know, I’ve worked for a few of them! And there’s real scope to develop here. It’s the kind of place where you get as much out as you put in. They’re always looking to promote from within the business too, and that’s really good to see and hear and see when you first join. It means you can start thinking about your career and what path you might want to take from day one.

NFU Mutual Careers - Our People - Profile Blank Image.jpg

Nina Miller, Service Team Leader

18 years. That’s how long I’ve been with Mutual Direct now. Within that time, I’ve developed my own career and have seen plenty of colleagues progress and move into different areas of business. In fact, I think that’s the thing I love most about my role as a team leader: being able to develop other people. It really gives me satisfaction to be able to see people coming into their own and doing well within their role and the business.

The people side of the job is most rewarding, definitely. I tend to look after a lot of our new starter groups and it’s nice to be able to give people that are new into the business that same welcome and support I had. I think that’s why I’ve stayed so long—the opportunities that the company gives you.


Laura Perratt, Sales and Service Associate

Redundancy. It’s rubbish but it happens. Having gone through the at-risk process twice while working in customer service in telecoms, I was keen to find a company with a good working environment, stability and career options. I’ve found all three at NFU Mutual. At first, I was worried about the sales side of the job - not something I’d done before. But when I started talking to NFU Mutual, they made it really clear that having the right customer-focused attitude was far more important than my work experience, what I’ve done or haven’t done. And then there was the training. 10 weeks of it!

Everyone here wants you to have all the knowledge you could ever need to do your job brilliantly - and they make the effort and take the time to give you that. We also had people from different areas of the business came in to talk to us. It was really good to hear how this role can be a career option - if you want it be. It just felt really inspiring and was a brilliant and reassuring message to hear when you’re starting out with a new employer.


Danielle Emslie, Mutual Response Claim Handler

Since I joined in 2015, I’ve regularly been supported by my team leader and peers to advance my career and been actively encouraged to put my ideas and opinions forward. I was part of the team of handlers who created and mapped out the processes for our role.

I’ve also organised well-being sessions for staff across the Glasgow region, including speaking on well-being and mental health. It’s like a big family here - we all have the same goal of doing what’s best for the customer, as well as the company. No matter what level you are, we all work together as a team and everyone’s well respected.

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