Customer Service Operations

Always looking at ways to improve things for our customers

Customer Service Operations

With over 1000 members of staff serving our customers on the front line, it is really important that they are supported in delivering a world class experience to our customers. Join one of our Customer Service Operations teams at Head Office in Stratford-upon-Avon, or our Regional Service Centres in York, Bristol and Glasgow, and you’ll find that we’re always looking to improve things for our service centre colleagues, and our customers.

From the way we handle complaints to making sure we work within the regulations. It’s about working together, building our knowledge, seeing how we can do things better and understanding what makes our customers tick. This means we get involved in a wide range of work, offering you the chance to develop your skills across both the department and the wider business.


Our key teams

Business Systems Improvement

Systems are used through the business, from claims and underwriting to complaints and counter fraud. In the BSI Team we manage changes and improvements to these systems. There are always change requests in the pipeline, so it is important that we work together with our stakeholders through the business to really understand change requests to make sure they will deliver the full benefit, and to assess its priority.

We are open with our stakeholders about when the change can be expected, and the rationale for the timescale. Once a system change is underway we make sure any changes we make run smoothly, with no disruption to the business and with as little impact as possible on the quality of our service.

Change Delivery

Change is a constant, and in the Change Delivery team we work with claims, underwriting, and complaints teams to ensure that our processes deliver the best possible experience for our customers and our staff. Our best ideas come from the people on the front line who deal with our processes every day, so it’s important that we listen to their ideas and work together to build upon them. It’s about creating clear guidance to give our staff the confidence to do a great job for our customers, and that excellent customer experience is delivered consistently through all our operations.

Customer Experience

NFU Mutual is proud of the awards it wins for its customer service, but we don’t rest on our laurels. The Customer Experience Team is here to constantly monitor customer satisfaction, and the causes of complaints to find ways to constantly improve things for our customers. We use a variety of innovative methods to get feedback from customers and Agents.

We use our expertise and business knowledge to understand the feedback and play that back to the business, and our external suppliers in a meaningful way. It’s important that the team has a good understanding of the business and its suppliers as this allows us to always provide the best customer experience.

Customer Relationship Team

Complaints can be tricky, there are often multiple points of view to consider. Our job is to listen to the customer, and also listen to our own teams and suppliers to fully understand the issue that has led to the complaint. Regulatory and internal guidelines set the scene, but team members are challenged to work with all parties to fully understand the options, and find a solution that is fair to the customer, NFU Mutual and its suppliers.

Its important that we learn from our mistakes, so the team are always looking for ways that complaints could have been avoided and follow a defined process to feed these back into the Customer Experience and Change Delivery teams so it doesn’t happen again. In short, we play a big role in making sure NFU Mutual remains a great place to do business with.

Process Automation

In this team we play a crucial role in freeing our people up to spend more time on what they do best – giving our customers great service. How? By working closely with the business to see how new technologies can automate some of their more repetitive tasks and improve our performance. It’s exciting and innovative work, from developing and constantly improving our robotics platform to assessing how things like cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help the business.

Planning and Performance

Planning and performance are key to the success of any big operation, we aim to give all our customers consistent, high quality service across our regional service centres. In the planning and performance Team experts in operational planning and MI analysis monitor performance, budgets and capacity plans. We do this by working closely with departments to understand their workloads, and produce plans to enable them to have the right people, in the right place at the right times when our customers need us.

Risk and Quality Assurance

Join this team and you’ll help us to protect the quality of our customer service by managing existing risks and thinking ahead. From developing risk management strategies to controlling risk exposure, we make sure we deliver a continuous service while complying with regulatory requirements.

Our role is not to say no, it is to help business areas reduce risks while still achieving their goals. At the same time, we work with teams across the business to understand what is being worked on and look for any risks that may arise, and to create a strong control environment and a risk management and reporting framework for the Complaints, Business Systems Improvements and Service Delivery teams

What you could be working on

Whatever team you join in Customer Service Operations, you’ll be helping us to deliver industry-leading customer service. This could involve:


Managing projects to support our customer-facing teams, from small system changes to major developments.


Implementing changes that improve efficiency or help us to manage resources effectively.


Helping us to deal with complaints effectively and constantly improve how we handle them.


Giving our customer-facing teams the tools and knowledge they need to continuously improve our customer service.

Developing your career

Join one of our teams and you’ll discover a highly supportive atmosphere where people work closely together to give our customers the best possible service. It’s about learning from everything we do and sharing your knowledge and experience so we can solve problems together.

If you’re always ready to look at things differently, challenge the way we do things and come up with new ideas, we’ll give you the opportunity to develop an enjoyable and rewarding career. That includes giving you all the support you need to gain a professional qualification, such as ACII, Prince2 Change Practitioner and Power BI training.


Meet some of the team

NFU Mutual Careers - Our People - Profile Blank Image.jpg

Frankie McConville, Customer Relationship Specialist

I joined NFU Mutual in November 2012 – I’d heard great things about them, from their benefits to progression opportunities. I’ve certainly had lots of career progress since I joined. I’ve worked in several different teams, from Administration, to Sales and now Customer Relations. I’ve not only learned new skills each time, but it’s helped me personally grow as well.

In my current role, I’m an Engagement Champion. This involves arranging volunteering days for our team. It’s a great opportunity to help out at local charities and make a difference. I really like that the company’s such a pillar in the community.


Olivia Sinclair, Senior Business Systems Improvement Analyst

When I heard about the opportunities to move around different roles at NFU Mutual, I knew it was the right fit for me. The culture, support and progression available encourage you to experience different roles around the business. I’ve had courses to build my knowledge and confidence and each manager has helped me to establish what I want to learn, what I want out of my job and what makes me happy.

At the same time, there’s an emphasis on ensuring you have a healthy work/life balance. My manager continually highlights the importance of taking a lunchbreak away from your desk, going for a walk and finishing work at a reasonable time.

Current vacancies

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