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Working together to ensure our customer offering is a fair one


As a highly successful organisation, with over £1.5 billion GWPI, we’re guided by our mutual values. That’s why, within our team of over 90 pricing professionals, we work hard to earn the right to make a profit by giving customers what they want at a fair price. It’s an exciting time to join us here in pricing, because we’re introducing an extensive change programme. With major investment in our core administration platforms while developing new routes to market, we’re aiming to make our products easier to buy, easier to sell and easier to manage.

Our work is a fine balance between strategy and delivery. On one hand, we need people to help us shape the way that we support customers and the business. On the other, we’re looking for people who are passionate about pricing. Natural problem solvers who want to do a great job for our customers. Our pricing team is a diverse mixture of talented individuals who share a common belief and a commitment to working together to ensure that our offering to our customers is a fair one.

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Our key activities


We provide, collate, manipulate and manage all relevant data - and help pricing (and other NFU Mutual colleagues) to get the most out of it. We help our pricing colleagues in a number of ways. We can either build a data file for analysts, or we can code and build bespoke data solutions so that our analysts can access and play with the data in the way that’s best for them and their goals.


In-depth, insightful analytics to drive dynamic pricing. That’s the aim of our modelling team. As well as predicting customer behaviours and needs we’re constantly working to further develop our understanding of all the factors which drive the cost of claims. Our work is essential in ensuring that our pricing remains fair and commercially competitive.

Risk Pricing

Our approach is a combination of real-world pragmatism and mathematical modelling, and we take model outputs and add in all the other costs to establish what our customers need to pay in order to achieve a fair price.

Street Pricing

A commercially focused team with a strong focus on fairness. We develop our customer prices based on market, competition and plan targets. This is done within our fairness framework ensuring that trading decisions balance with the need to do right for new and longstanding customers.

Design, deployment and implementation

In short, we design, develop, test and deploy the technical solutions that deliver the right prices to customers.


We work closely with agents and customers, the end-users of our pricing, to help them understand how we have developed our prices and everything that has gone into them. We encourage agents and customers to engage with us, to ask us questions, to challenge us. Because the more we hear from them then the better our pricing will be.

Research and Development

As you’ll have seen, we never rest on our laurels. From new tech like AI, to new techniques and new skills, we’re always looking ahead, exploring, trialling, testing. How can we be better at what we do and better meet our customers’ needs? We take a lead role in strategic workforce development too, working with the business to make sure that we are developing the skills, mindset and knowledge needed for continued future success.

Pushing ourselves

We are committed to remaining at the leading-edge of our industry. We regularly review our pricing approaches against our competitors; including the use of external benchmarking exercises. And throughout, we use our external networks to see what’s new and changing. We are also speaking to underwriters and agents every single day. But we don’t stop there.

As well as pushing and developing the talent we have, we are always looking to bring in new people who can contribute and work well with others in a supportive and caring environment. We are open to the new and we encourage our teams to get out there and explore new innovations, new ways of working within the constant requirement of ‘is this right for our customers’?

Developing your career

We believe in continuous development. Yes, you’ll have a personal development plan that we’ll review every six months. But we also help you understand how to plan your career. We recognise that while some colleagues want to progress, some just want to get better. So we’ll give you the software and technical training, interpersonal and soft skills that you need to do a great job.

And for those looking to develop as managers then there is structured coaching, management and leadership development. We’ve an impressive track record of promoting from within, developing the talent we have and valuing the contribution everyone makes. It’s no wonder that we have industry-leading levels of employee satisfaction.


Meet some of the team

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Ade Harrison, Head of Pricing Development

Being a mutual is much more about what insurance started out to be in the beginning. Done correctly, it’s about pooling resources for the equitable benefit to all. Technology and data advancements help us with accuracy, and is absolutely needed to enhance our customer experience, but it’ll never replace the person here.

It’s all about applying technology and statistical methodology in the right way, while constantly looking to improve, so we have an infrastructure that works quickly and helps analysts get to the right answer. As a society we’re living in difficult economic times, and it’s arguably more important now than ever to help our members however we can, whenever we can. Fair Pricing is key to that.

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Kirsten Britland, Head of Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics is the engine room of the Pricing department. We handle the technical side that underpins everything we do in Pricing. Claims cost, customer demand - all the heavy analytical work that provides the best possible insight for us to set an accurate target price for our customers.

There’s a lot of collaboration with other areas of Pricing and the wider business to set the final price, but our insight is the starting point. I like to think of it as holding a mirror up - saying, “Here is what we would spend on this policy, this is what it means for the customer, and here’s what we need to charge in order to be sustainable”.

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Isabelle Hirst, Risk Pricing Manager

Isabelle Hirst, Risk Pricing Manager My area of expertise is risk pricing but, since joining NFU Mutual in 2014, I’ve taken different opportunities along the way to improve my breadth of understanding of both pricing and the wider business. I've had the chance to work on a major transformational rating project, I spent a year in the Financial Risk team doing capital modelling, and I led the pricing for our Large Corporate customers.

I’ve had so many opportunities to develop, and I've been supported to take on new challenges and additional responsibilities, all within an environment where I can try things out and continually learn.

Current vacancies

Here are just some of the vacancies that we currently have in Pricing. Simply, click on the job title to find out more.

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