The Resourcing team at NFU Mutual have been on quite a journey over the last few years, growing rapidly to meet the needs of the business. We caught up with some of the team to find out what it’s like to work in such a dynamic, changing environment and what they enjoy most about being part of Resourcing at NFU Mutual.

NFU Mutual talk a lot about teamwork. How does that help in Resourcing?
“We're an incredibly united team, so we all pull together,” says Esther Tysall. “Which means that you’re not afraid to speak out and ask for help. And there’s always someone who volunteers to give you a hand.” David King picks up on this point, saying: “I love being able to just get on the phone to anyone in the team and have a chat about something or ask them for support.”

"It comes from the management approach," adds Greg Statham. “You’re supported from the top down. And as a people manager, I genuinely value the opinions of everyone in my team.” Kirstie Patterson agrees: “The leadership team makes all the difference in empowering and engaging us all and making sure we have all the right tools.”

So, is that connected with being a mutual?
"Definitely. Being a mutual means a lot,” says David. “It makes you feel like you’re one of the musketeers – ‘all for one and one for all.’ So, it’s about doing what’s right for your customers and your colleagues.”

Susanna Manise continues this theme. “A mutual has a very different culture to a company that has to deliver for shareholders,” she says. “It’s all about our customers – and for us, that’s our hiring managers and candidates. That’s what pushes us to perform and achieve.”

Kirstie agrees: “As an organisation, we’re renowned for our values – our customer focus, being fair and honest and having a lot of integrity,” she explains. “And in the resourcing team, this translates into a fair and honest candidate experience. It’s a really forward-thinking department; you're part of a team that's always striving to be better for both candidates and hiring managers.”

It sounds like that helps your own career, too. Is that right?
“The nature of the current recruitment marketplace and our team approach gives you a lot of exciting opportunities,” says David. “Everyone’s encouraged to forge their own path and think creatively, so although your suggestions may well be challenged, they’re always welcomed.”

“It's also a large team,” adds Greg. “There are 32 of us now, and we’re still growing - so there are opportunities to develop. This means there’s a diversity of ideas and experience and there’s always someone with a different solution who you can learn from.”

“The number of projects to continually enhance the systems offers lots of opportunities,” says Kirstie. “The focus on individual growth across the business is also a major benefit. There are personal development opportunities here that I’ve never seen in other companies, which I’m already taking advantage of.”

So, how would you sum up working in the Resourcing team?
Greg speaks up for all of them: “What makes it a great place to work? There isn’t one single thing – it's everything.”

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