As the UK’s leading rural insurer providing cover to three quarters of farms and rural businesses, we’re in a unique position to understand issues affecting our members and their communities. We care about their health and wellbeing, and work hard to protect their livelihoods. Helping our members in times of need and supporting communities has always been at the very heart of our approach.

Head of Pricing Development, Ade Harrison explains how the work he does in Pricing make him feel about supporting members and communities. “The Mutuals values, both ethically and morally sit with my own personal values. I'm quite old fashioned in the principle that insurance should be pooling the resources of the many to mitigate the losses of the few. Quite a simple construct. And fairness has always been our mainstay."

Jamie Young, Lead Pricing Analyst agrees. “Because we're a Mutual every decision we make is customer based. Especially In Pricing, where there is a customer on the end of that decision, it's really nice to know that we're not just profit driven, but that we're all about creating a product that's fit for purpose and of real value for a customer."

The NFU Mutual Rehabilitation Programme
One of the areas NFU Mutual is proud to support our members is through our Rehabilitation Programme. Rehabilitation is an integral part of our approach to personal injury claims. If one of our members is legally responsible for an accident where somebody has been injured, we’ll do everything we can to help them back to health and independence. During 2021, our rehabilitation programme supported 611 seriously injured people, and we made a further 922 physiotherapy referrals for those who suffered minor injuries.

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Throughout the pandemic, the UK healthcare system, both public and private, has been stretched, and so we’ve worked alongside our suppliers to ensure our programme has been able to adapt, and been able to continue to provide our injured claimants with the best possible service and care.

Gideon Ingham Head of Pricing and Products sums up how the team feel about NFU Mutual. “I'm proud to work for a Mutual. My pride comes from being part of a business that’s strongly focused on doing the right thing for its customers."

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