Imogen.pngYour name: Imogen
University attended: University of Hertfordshire
Office location: Head Office Tiddington (Stratford upon Avon)
Department, team or function: Sales and Agency Director

What made you choose NFU Mutual?
I researched the company and liked their members first philosophy and how they treat their people with trust and respect. The business matched my values and reflected the type of culture that I wanted to be part of. I joined the NFU Mutual Finance graduation scheme in 2017 and had the best experience. The culture is very nurturing, and I felt incredibly supported. Everyone at NFU Mutual buys into the Graduate scheme with so much enthusiasm and I knew from very early on that I wanted to carve out my career here.

I was offered plenty of opportunities to develop new skills through courses as well as rotating around finance to learn from my team. And with the support of my colleagues, I was able to finish off my accounting exams and be in a good position to get a permanent role in the financial reporting and control team. From here, the support from around the business continued and I was able to use my time in role to broaden my understanding of both the business and the finance function.

Where has your career taken you so far, and how did you get there?
I have loved working for NFU Mutual from the start, and even then, I knew that I wanted to continue my career here for as long as possible. Once I qualified as an accountant on the graduate scheme, I secured a permanent role in the finance division. Four years after I began the Graduate Program, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to venture into another area of the business to expand my knowledge of NFU Mutual and thought the Executive Assistant role would be good fit for me. So, when the opportunity came up to join the Sales & Agency division as Executive Assistant to the Director, I jumped at the chance.

My manager was supportive, and we had conversations about my suitability for the role. People want you to succeed here and we discussed the opportunity and how this would fit my personality, skills and drive to learn more about the wider business and develop my career. I’m the type of person that needs variety, I love learning new things and I also like to get stuck in with the technical stuff from time to time. This encouragement from my manager, as well as from other people around the business gave me the confidence to go for it and I was lucky enough to be successful in getting the role.

I am loving my time in the division, I still use plenty of my finance skills and knowledge, however I also have the bonus of learning so much about the whole business, our products and people, which I am really enjoying.

Would you recommend the NFU Mutual graduate scheme?
Yes, I would! I am so thankful that I made the decision to go with the NFU Mutual Graduate scheme. It has helped me develop not only by offering me structured courses and soft skills learning, but also allowed me to have the flexibility that I needed coming straight from university. I’ve had the opportunity to engage and network with multiple people around the business and it helped me develop my skills that I can take forward in my career. All the while being supported by a fantastic team, who want the best for you and want to see you succeed.

What advice would you give to Graduates thinking of applying?
Apart from the obvious ‘go for it’, I think it is important to make sure you would suit the company you are applying for. We have a great graduate programme at NFU Mutual, and we want to make sure we can do the best for you, so do your research and understand the culture and vision of the business to make sure it matches with your own desired culture and vision. Most importantly, be yourself throughout the application process. Everyone is there to help you do your best, relax and enjoy it.

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