When I joined NFU Mutual in November 2012, I’d heard about their reputation for great benefits and progression opportunities. I also liked that they were a pillar in the community. I’ve certainly experienced both of these in my time here. I started in Administration, but also worked in Sales before joining the Customer Relations team. Working in these areas has given me a lot of different experiences and helped me to develop my skills and knowledge. But it’s also helped me to grow personally – I’ve gained confidence and resilience – and it’s given me an appetite to develop my career here still further.

Supporting each other – and the community

You get the feeling that people are really at the heart of everything the company does – its own people, its customers and its communities. When it comes to its own people, they strive to be a great place to work and as an employee, your opinions are valued. There’s also a Mutual Rewards scheme that encourages you to recognise colleagues, so you’re rewarded and recognised for doing a good job. As far as customers and communities go, part of my role involves being an Engagement Champion for my team. This means I organise volunteering days at local charities. It’s a great way to make a difference for the community. And it’s also really useful for team building and getting to know your colleagues out of the office.

Plenty of support

It’s a very friendly and supportive place to work. In all the departments I’ve worked in, I’ve had great colleagues who always made me feel part of the team. I’ve also been well-supported by my managers so I could stretch myself, both in my role and outside of it too. This support goes right up to the leadership team – they take time to understand what keeps their employees engaged.

One good example of the support I’ve had was three years into my career with NFU Mutual, when I decided to go travelling for six months. The company fully supported me, which gave me the chance to travel to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Then, when I returned, I was welcomed back into the world of full-time work to continue focusing on my career.

Always learning

The company has always supported me to upskill and gain further qualifications. In 2019, I completed my CII Certificate and the company gave me time to study and complete my exams during my working day. I’ve also been able to take a range of courses to help me develop my personal skills. For instance, I recently completed an Effective Influencing course, which was really useful.

The company makes sure you always have lots of opportunities to test the skills you learn, progress your career and explore different areas of the business. As part of my role, I’m a Change Agent for the Customer Relationship team. This gives me the chance to work with other teams in the business, such as the Change Delivery team. And it’s given me a new level of responsibility, as I’m responsible for driving and implementing change within the department.

Frankie McConville, Customer Relationship Specialist