Dealing with risk, outcomes, and obligations – our Conduct Regulation Assurance team plays a vital role in ensuring that NFU Mutual continues to deliver the best possible service to its customers. The members of the team have decades of experience between them, so we sat down with some of them to discuss how they have excelled in this field, and how NFU Mutual has supported them to develop their careers.

What do you think NFU Mutual does differently that helps you to progress?
Kamlesh Parbat, one of the team’s Specialists, says NFU Mutual has always had a strong focus on development, especially when it comes to improving and gaining new skills. “I’ve never worked in a company like this, that wants to develop every individual in terms of their training and development goal,” he explains. “If there is a role specific qualification you want to gain, or a skill you want to develop, it’s picked up during regular one-to-ones and followed through in your personal development plan.” Kamlesh also adds: “There are very few companies who put you first the way NFU Mutual does.”

Kate Brain, an Analyst for the Conduct Regulation Assurance team, strongly agrees. She explains how NFU Mutual will actively encourage you to pursue other roles within the business, even if you would be leaving a gap in your current team. “I’ve never worked anywhere else where if you want to apply for another role, you’re encouraged to progress.” She says, “I came here five years ago as PA to the Head of Compliance and Head of Finance. And within two years, I was working in a seconded role in the Conduct Regulation Assurance team, which I then took on permanently. So, I’m relatively new to the team, but I’ve already taken three CII exams, a separate IIA course, and completed mental health first aid training.” If that wasn’t enough, the department has also put together a suite of small developmental modules for us to dip in and out of depending on our strengths and interests.

It sounds like you get a lot of support – how else does the business help you to grow?
Another of the Team’s Specialists, Paul Richards, explains that his long history at the company has allowed him to experience NFU Mutual from within a number of different teams and departments. “It’s certainly helped me grow professionally, and it means I’ve got quite a balanced understanding of how things work,” he says. “I wasn’t always in compliance, but I’ve always been in roles that required me to understand compliance. So, I led the 1st line team responsible for dealing with advice and technical queries from NFU Mutual Financial Advisers, as well as in marketing, checking and approving financial promotions, making sure they comply with regulatory requirements.”

“And I’m just about to start on the Developing Leaders Programme, for people who have been identified through the talent process,” Paul continues. “It’s taken a lot of lining up, but the support from my manager and the Head of Compliance has been massive. Gaining that support and then actually getting on the Programme is something I’m very proud of.” Paul explains that he’s both a Chartered Risk Insurance manager and a Chartered Financial Planner. “NFU Mutual supported me through my ACII and APFS qualifications. So, I couldn’t speak any higher of them as an employer,” he says. “There are some really good internal courses available, too. So, if you love learning, this is a great place to be.”

How soon into your career can you access that kind of support?
The Head of Conduct Regulation Assurance, Raluca Boroianu-Omura, says she was impressed by how much NFU Mutual is willing to invest in its people from the start. “I only joined the business 14 months ago,” she explains. “And one of the first things they did was to send me on a very good course looking at how to audit and complete assurance work, as my background was more on the regulatory side. I thought that it spoke volumes that, two months into my role, the company was willing to invest time and money into me up front so that I could do my job as effectively as possible.”

Team Leader Christian Stewart joined NFU Mutual straight out of university but feels similarly about the amount of personal support he was given right from the start. “The company has supported me throughout my time here,” he says. “I gained my ACII qualification with NFU Mutual and they’ve been brilliant at getting me on any courses that will help me in my role.” While everyone in the team is supported, Christian is keen to stress that each of them is given opportunities based on their individual needs. “It’s not just taking something off the shelf that they can offer you, and I really appreciate that,” he explains. “I’m booked on a Voice of Influence course later this year – which I’m really looking forward to. And I think it’s a prime example of specifics that you want to develop, and the company giving you the chance to make it happen.”

It sounds like the Conduct Regulation Assurance team can expect lots of support from the business to develop their skills and prepare for the challenges of the future.

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